About Business Aaron


Hello, my name is Business Aaron. That’s what people call me. I shortened it to “bizaaron” and that’s my username on most social media platforms. It incorporates my name as well as the short and trendy way to refer to business. It seems to do the trick.

I am involved with many things, so I’ll list them here.

Bizaaron Mix Radio – A monthly podcast I produce by mixing music in a program called Ableton Live, so people can enjoy them. I love Ableton Live; it’s the best 7 million dollars I’ve ever spent on software.

Snapchat – I produce daily content here. Follow for great advice, stories and tips about stuff and things. Here’s what people are saying about my Snapchat stories:

“He can snap about literally the most boring things around him and leave you completely engaged and enthralled.”

“The Seinfeld of Canada” as he is known will tell you like it is, whether you like it or not!

“Business Aaron is really good at social media!

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This is currently the end of my About page.